Monday, August 13, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

Instagram. Instant coffee. Instant downloads.

Instant gratification.

Fast food. Fast lanes.

As humanity progresses, we seem to want things in an instant.

Even our relationships have changed. They are so much harder now because conversations have become text messages, arguments have become phone calls and feelings have become status updates.

I can still remember the days where people actually talked to one another. We live in a time where people would rather send an email than get up and walk three cubicles down from where they sit to talk to a co-worker.

I’m guilty of wanting things now. Right now. Gone are the days where we have the patience of Job.

But, God’s time is not our time. I have to stop and remind myself of this quite often. God’s will is not our will. Two of the hardest things I know of are:

-To pray for God’s will.

-To wait for God’s will.

The first is hard because to utter that prayer means that you are saying, “Hey God, here I am. Do with me whatever you want.” But, it’s necessary. We pretend like we can somehow talk Him into doing something for us. Like we can sway Him to agree with our opinion of how our lives are supposed to go. But we can’t. It’s His will, not ours.

The second is just as hard, if not more so, because it means that you have to wait. It doesn’t mean you have to wait passively; it means that you have to wait actively. There’s a big difference.

But, although both of these can be difficult…..

They are beautiful.

They’re beautiful because His plan will always be better than the plan we have for our lives, even if it isn’t on our timeline.

As much as we want things right now; as much as we want to plan our life, it has a way of surprising us with unexpected things that will make us happier than we originally planned.

That’s what you call God’s will.


  1. Love this! I agree those are two of the hardest things in my life...Its sometimes hard to wait for his will to be done, but also not being sure what his will is going to be is the hardest part. I miss the human contact that we used to have. Everything has been replaced with "Simple" ways through technology but I believe that God wants us to have that personal contact with people. I have a home telephone for that very reason...Too bad it doesn't ring very often! lol I love you!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    The timing of this post could not have been timed better. My bible study tonight was about what it means to pray for God's will. I shared this post with the ladies. Very powerful words. Thank you for sharing.