Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Battle on the Highway of Life

Every day I drive 120 miles to my office roundtrip.

Every day during my drive I see thousands of people that I will never see again.

Every day I see faces of people fighting a battle on their own highway of life.

A single mom who is driving to a job she hates just to put food on the table at night for her kids.

A wife who knows that her husband is cheating on her with his secretary because she found the text messages last night. But, he doesn’t know that she knows.

An executive that is hiding his alcoholism from his office staff because he will hide behind his smile and 3-piece suit today.

A man who is sitting in traffic knowing that his paycheck this Friday will not be enough to pay all his bills.

A woman who lost a dear friend or loved one a year ago today.

The truth is, we’re all fighting our own battle on life’s highway. So, today, make a vow to show kindness to someone…even if you’ll never see them again.

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